Surf's up baby, here come
The Wave Chargers!

The Wave Chargers play surf music in a pure 60's tradition
(think Dick Dale at the Rendezvous Ballroom,
or The Pyramids in "Bikini Beach") but played like punks,
because there's a certain Parisian tradition to be observed.

"Only one watchword here: perpetuate this genre with a sound and attitude worthy of the early sixties Californian bands. Mission accomplished with flying colours" as French magazine Rock & Folk said.

And even though there's no wave in Paris - barely a slight lapping on the Seine river - nevermind, the tsunami will come from The Wave Chargers' reverb and energetic gigs that will blow your mind!

If you're still having doubts just give a listen to
their first EP (recorded live with just two mics) and there you'll have it:
The Wave Chargers, your new favourite surf music band!

"This is French arrogance"
(David Baker / Rhythmville Radio - WFMU Rock & Soul Ichiban)

"A rare honesty, and a total mastery of their subject"
(Charles Crost - Villa Schweppes)

"They can really stir up some great energy and with memorable melodies as well."
(Storm Surge of Reverb)

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